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* side manager 

 Premier Division  v 

Skip Third Second Lead
 R Moyle  K McIlroy  B Willesee  B White
 C Slavich *  C Bessant  G Nelson  L Thorn
 S Edmonds  A Wetzler S Cerff  B McNamara
 D Rankin  B Brandsma  R Haring  G Faulkner

Division 1 Blue v 

Skip Third Second Lead
J Edmonds  T Whitfield B Hodgson K Stevens
A Tennant  C McKenna B Leed F Williamson
W Langdon S Whitfield S Curtis * D Grima
E Johnson G Papadopoulos R Castledine M Fredericks

Division 2 Gold 

Skip Third Second Lead
M Bessant D Slavich P Hopkins R Fryer *
L Fitzpatrick A Bland A Tomich A Whittle
D 0'Flaherty D Bell E Taylor R Powell
K Low O Weber P Broadbridge W Kemp

Division 4 Gold v 

Skip Third Second Lead
J Barisich C Grobler G Stiles R Hull
P Coccetti  A Parkinson  R Brown   G Dell
T Ellery   P Mathewson  D Brickell C Fletcher
 G Ranson *
  R Berven   R Tomich  I Thomas



THURSDAY 29/03/2018  

* side manager 

Division 1 White v Safety Bay - Played at Osborne Park

Skip Third Second Lead
 R Haring G Nelson B McNamara M Fredericks
B Brandsma L Thorn R Barns D Grima
 E Johnson T Whitfeild R Tyrrell B Leed *

Division 2 Gold v 

Skip Third Second Lead
 D O'Flaherty  L Fitzpatrick D Bell R Powell
E Taylor *  J Barisich P Hopkins R Berven
 S Whitfield A Bland B Fryer G Stiles

Division 5 Gold v Spearwood - at Spearwood

Skip Third Second Lead
 B Fryer A Whittle  P Hopkins N Whittle
 R Berven  T Ellery  D Brickell

K Hough

A Parkinson

P Mathewson

G Dell

R Brown